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Better than Berkey... the Next Generation of gravity water filter systems

September 30, 2023 1 min read

Watermatters stopped doing business with Berkey in early 2023 for reasons that are explained here
We are awaiting the launch of the next generation of stainless steel gravity water filter housings (anticipated by late Spring 2024) that will replace Berkey water filter systems.

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NEW! Coldstream FTO Plus ceramic replacement filters for Berkeys

Watermatters now supplies Coldstream FTO Plus ceramic gravity filters which fit in existing Berkey systems. These replacement filters are also fluoride reduction filters. They do the work of both the Black Berkey elements and Berkey's PF-2 fluoride elements, combined in a single filter.
Test results for the FTO Plus ceramic water filters demonstrate that they provide sustained protection from chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, parasite cysts, PFAS, micro-plastics, and fluoride. The FTO+ ceramic filters are a superior product to the Berkey water filters.

NEW! Portable gravity water filters

Watermatters is now stocking two new portable gravity filters:

Water Pitcher Filter by ProOne
- best choice of pitcher filter for protection from most chemical and microbiological contaminants including chlorine and fluoride.
- comes with a cleanable ceramic cartridge.

Scout II Travel Filter by ProOne
- compact filter for travel and emergency conditions with a cleanable ceramic filter that is effective against a broad range of chemical and microbiological contaminants.

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