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Max Ceramic Replacement Cartridge (for MAX stainless steel systems)

This MAX Ceramic Water Purifier Replacement Cartridge is designed to be used with the MAX Stainless Steel Countertop & Under Counter Systems. It is performance tested to NSF/ANSI standards for high performance protection from chemicals (including chlorine and chloramine), heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides & herbicides, particles, microplastics, bacteria, and waterborne viruses.

NOTE   Some of these contaminants may not be present in your water supply.
NOTE   This filter is not designed for sustained reduction of fluoride.

Capacity 3,000L
Made in the UK

  • The MAX Ceramic Replacement Cartridge for MAX stainless steel systems is made up of three key components.

    • The carbon inner core protects against chemical contamination.
    • Surrounding this is a unique ceramic outer layer which gives maximum anti-bacterial protection and removal of particles and microplastics.
    • Finally, the blue ceramic outer layer contains antimicrobial properties which help to eradicate waterborne viruses, providing maximum protection against virtually all water pollutants.

    Cleanable Filter
    This ceramic purification cartridge is cleanable. When debris builds up on the outside of the cartridge, the water processing time will slow down. The cartridge should be removed, and the exterior ceramic shell cleaned with a green scrubby (no soap!) under cool running water to restore the speed of filtration before being reinserted into the steel housing. Your local water conditions will determine how frequently cleaning is required.

    Unique Replacement Indicator
    Unlike other ceramic filters, the MAX ceramic purifiers have an innovative outer blue layer containing antimicrobial properties which help the purification process. With repeated cleaning, the blue layer is gradually removed until the underlying white ceramic is exposed, indicating the time to replace the cartridge.

    About the UK Manufacturer
    Manufactured in the UK by KLT Filtration, innovators of a unique ceramic injection molding technology dedicated to producing the very highest quality of drinking water filters using alternative technologies with the intention to achieve zero waste.

    NOTE    Drinking water filters and purifiers are for cold water use only. Use only on municipally treated water or other water supply known to be microbiologically safe.

    Cartridge Replacement Frequency
    Cartridge life will vary in direct proportion to the amount of water used and the type and level of impurities in the water being processed. It is recommended that the cartridge be replaced when the first of the following occurs:
    a.   when the ceramic colour changes from blue to white
    b.   750 gallons of use
    c.  9 months of use


    Cartridge Replacement Reminder Service
    Watermatters™ offers a free automated email reminder service to help you remember when to change out your cartridges. You can select this optional, free service at checkout.

  • Weight: 0.42 kg
    Dimensions: 29.5 x 7 x 7 cm

  • Performance Data Sheet