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ProOne Water Pitcher Filter

Superior drinking water pitcher filter with comprehensive purification capabilities. 
Intercepts 200+ contaminants* commonly found in tap water including chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, lead and heavy metals.  Leaves beneficial minerals in tap water.
Comes with one 2" cleanable ceramic gravity filter.

Pitcher material: BPA and PVC free plastic.

*some of these contaminants may not be present in your tap water.

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  • The ProOne® Water Filter Pitcher is made from BPA and BPS free food grade materials and includes a removable fruit/vegetable infusion tube. This pitcher uses an advanced gravity filter technology which includes a BPA-free filtration system that eliminates contaminants including heavy metals and dissolved solids found in tap water.

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  • Dimensions: 10.5" H x 10.5" L x 5" W (26.5 x 26.5 x 12.5 cm)
    Pitcher volume: 0.4 gallons (1.5 L)
    Weight: 4 lbs
  • How do you clean the water pitcher?
    Hand wash only with liquid dishwashing soap.

    How do you clean the filter element?
    Remove the filter from the upper blue container by removing the wing nut. It is important to not allow water to leak into the blue stem of the plastic base. Hold the filter by the base and place it under cool running water for about 2 minutes. While holding the threaded stem, place the filter under running water or in a bowl of water and scrub the surface using the dark green side of the scrubby sponge included. Always scrub away from the threaded stem end of the filter. Rinse and re-assemble the filter. Never wash the filter with cleaning detergents or soap.

    How do I know when to change my filter?
    Should you notice a difference in the taste of your water and/or a slow down in the flow rate, it may be an indication your filter needs to be cleaned or if you’ve cleaned a few times, it may indicate your filter needs to be replaced. Filter life lasts around 6 months or 225 gallons.