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Travel Berkey PLUS 2 high performance FTO+ ceramic purifiers

  • 1.5 gallons (5.7 L) capacity.

    Includes 2 Black Berkey elements provided by Berkey.
    Plus our BONUS: 2 high performance FTO+ ceramic purifiers as back up (in case the Black Berkey elements fail to perform as promised by Berkey)

  • Recommended for 1 person, students, and small spaces such as in a travel van.

  • Housing construction
    Highly polished AISI 304 stainless steel
    Accommodates 2 filtration cartridges.

    Recommended number of users
    Everyday use for drinking water only: up to 2 people
    Everyday use for drinking, cooking, washing veggies: 1 person

    upper and lower stainless steel chambers
    2 Black Berkey Filtration Elements
    1 stainless steel lid with knob
    1 BPA-free nylon water spigot with
    2 wingnuts
    2 washers
    2 blocking plugs
    1 Prime Rite™ universal primer
    1 Prime Rite™ fluoride element adaptor
    1 anti-airlock clip
    2 red food dye vials
    assembly and use instructions

    18¾” (47.5cm) assembled including knob on lid. 12” (30.5cm) collapsed. Diameter: 7½" (19cm)
    Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg) empty

    The upper chamber can be stored inside the lower chamber creating a nested height of just 12” (30.5cm) for storage and transport.

    Time needed to filter
    With normal use the Travel Berkey® System will filter most of the water in the upper chamber into the lower chamber within approximately 1- 1.5 hours.

  • User Instructions

Replacement Filters