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AquaTru Classic Alkaline pH + Mineral Boost + Carbon/VOC Cartridge

Produce mineralized alkaline water from your AquaTru

This optional pH + Mineral Boost cartridge creates alkaline water and adds healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium to your purified water.
Replaces the AquaTru Classic Carbon VOC Filter (Filter #4)

600 gallon filter life for Classic countertop water purifiers
360 gallon filter life for AquaTru undersink water purifiers

  • How often do I need to change the filters in my AquaTru Classic countertop water purifier?
    Pre-Filter (yellow): 6 months or 600 gallons, whichever comes first
    RO Filter (blue): 2 years or 1200 gallons, whichever comes first
    VOC Filter or Alkaline Filter (green): 600 gallons for Classic countertop models.

    How do I know when to change my AquaTru Classic countertop filter?
    When it is time to replace a filter, a numbered light corresponding to the number of the filter that needs to be replaced will stay illuminated on the digital display panel. It will not turn off during filtering or after filtering. It will turn off only when you replace the filter(s) and press the filter reset button. See resetting filters.

    Why is one (or more) of my filter lights illuminated continuously?
    The filter number corresponding to the numbered light indicates that the filter needs to be replaced.

    1. Replace the filter that is indicated by the illuminated light. See How to Change Filters in the Videos tab.
    2. After replacing the filter, press and hold the black reset button on the backside of the base for at least 3 seconds or until the light turns off. (A paperclip is the perfect tool, but anything similar will do). Note: The unit needs to be powered on when pressing the reset button for it to properly reset and continue to accurately track your filters.
    3. If the filter light does not reset, unplug AquaTru from the wall outlet for thirty seconds, plug it back in and turn the power switch off, and then back on. Press the reset button for at least 3 full seconds, making sure it is fully pressed (again, this is where a paperclip can come in handy).

    How do I change filters?
    See Video under VIDEOS tab.

    How do I reset my change filter indicator light(s)?

    1. To enter Reset mode, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds or until the 3 filter indicators light up. [To exit Reset mode without resetting any of the filters, do not touch the unit for 15 seconds. You will automatically exit filter Reset mode.]
    2. Navigate through the three filters using the filter reset button. Each time you press the button, you select a different filter to reset. Please note that after resetting the filter life, the old filter life cannot be restored.
    3. Once the filter you want to reset is blinking, press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. The light will blink rapidly for a few seconds to indicate that the reset worked before exiting reset mode.

    I just replaced the pH/remineralization filter. Do I need to run any water through before drinking the water?
    It may take up running up to 6-8 cycles of water before new remineralization filters become fully saturated and produce water that tastes clear. The initial release of a high concentration of minerals is what can give a strong taste, but that strong taste should be gone around the same time there are no more excess bubbles or cloudiness in the back tank. New filters take time to become saturated and properly filter the water when first installed. The first cycle may take longer than the normal 10-15 filtering time for 1 gallon of water.
    You may notice bubbles or even cloudiness in the tap water tank. This is simply trapped air from the filters escaping and may be experienced during each use.
    You may also notice some black cloudiness in your tap water tank within the first two tanks being filtered. Loose carbon dust from your new Pre-Filter or VOC Filter can release into the water as the filter fully saturates.

    How many tanks do I need to run through AquaTru before using a newly installed pH + Mineral Boost Alkaline VOC filter?
    After installing the pH + Mineral Boost Alkaline VOC filter, it is recommended to flush your AquaTru purifier with at least 4 tanks of water before consumption.

  • How to Change Filters