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CBTVOC Replacement Cartridge for Steel Drinking Water Filter

  • Replacement cartridge for the CB-VOC stainless steel under sink drinking water filter and the stainless steel countertop drinking water filter.
    This cartridge was formerly known as the CBTVOC Multipure™ replacement cartridge.

    Certified by NSF for effective reduction of chlorine and chloramine (plus 60 other contaminants, including THMs, lead, cysts, asbestos, VOCs, plus emerging contaminants from plastics and pharmaceuticals.

    Made in USA.

  • Replace approximately every 9 months, after 750 gallons or if water flow slows significantly, whichever comes first. 
    Do not exceed 1 year of use.

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    The cartridge cannot be back flushed or rinsed and used again. Even if your cartridge is still white and the flow rate is still satisfactory, once your cartridge has been wetted it should be replaced within a year.
    Note:  Use with micro-biologically safe, or municipally treated water only.

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  • How do I know when to change out my CBTVOC drinking water filter cartridge?

    Cartridge life will vary in direct proportion to the amount of water used and the type and level of impurities in the water being processed. It is recommended that the cartridge be replaced when the first of the following occurs: 
    a)  750 gallons of use 
    b)  9 – 12 months of use 
    c)  the flow rate diminishes (which occurs when the cartridge becomes clogged with particulate matter)
    or d)  the cartridge becomes saturated with bad tastes and odours. 
    The cartridges cannot be back flushed or rinsed and used again. Even if your cartridge is still white and the flow rate is still satisfactory, once your cartridge has been wetted it should always be replaced within a year. 
    WaterMatters™ offers a free automated email reminder service to help you remember when to change out your cartridges. 

    What should I do with my CB-VOC water filter when I go on vacation? 

    Do not allow water to sit in the drinking water system for extended periods of time (10 or more days) without being used. If the system is to be left unused for more than 10 days, drain all the water from the system and remove the cartridge. The best procedure is to install a new cartridge when you return from your vacation. If you choose to keep the same cartridge, store it on a clean, dry surface in a well ventilated area while you are away. It can be covered loosely with a breathable cotton cloth (cheese cloth).
    When the cartridge is reinstalled and the system is put back into use, the cartridge will need to be saturated again by letting water run through the system for approximately 15 – 20 minutes. Do not enclose the wet cartridge or place it in a moist environment (refrigerator) as the moisture could cause bacteria to grow on the filter. 
    Never expose your filter to freezing temperatures. 

    Why should hot water never be run through a carbon water filter? 

    Running hot water through a carbon block cartridge can cause the carbon to dump adsorbed chemicals and contaminants into the finished water. Hot water (below 212 degrees) should not alter or damage the raw materials of the cartridge itself. If you accidentally run hot water through the filter, immediately turn off the hot water and run cold water through until the filter cools and then flush the filter for about 3 minutes. The filter then will again perform effectively. Don’t drink the filtered hot water.