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Introducing the best filter for your Berkey

As it became clear that we can no longer count on Berkey for reliable replacement elements, we started searching for new filters so that you, and our many existing Berkey customers, can continue to use your Berkey system, with confidence.
We looked around at filters sold by other gravity filters brands, and their specs. We were not impressed. 
Then serendipity stepped in...

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Vortex to restructure & energize your filtered water.

Featured Articles

Murky business. Berkey and the EPA.

Berkey system users have been asking Watermatters about the current debacle between Berkey and the EPA. Here is our perspective.

Berkey was issued a Stop Sale Order by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency USA) in December 2023 due to Berkey’s unregistered use of silver in Black Berkey elements, and because of Berkey’s labelling and contaminant reduction claims.

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