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Best Methods for Removing Chlorine or Chloramine from your Shower & Bath

Depending on whether your tap water is disinfected with CHLORINE or CHLORAMINE, our preferred methods to remove disinfectant chemicals from water for shower and bath are as follows:

  • Use a shower filter containing Chlorgon or KDF for removing CHLORINE from shower water (not bath water) as this type of filtration medium is longer lasting than vitamin C, imparts a nicer 'feel' to the water, is bacteriostatic and scavenges lead, copper and other heavy metals that may be present in your tap water. If you have existing blue-green stains (from copper pipes) in your shower stall and you scrub the staining away, the stains will not return once you are using and properly maintaining this type of shower filter.
  • Use a vitamin C shower filter if your tap water is disinfected with CHLORAMINE. The vitamin C shower filter also works with water disinfected with CHLORINE.
  • Use vitamin C for bath water if your tap water is disinfected with CHLORINE or CHLORAMINE. Vitamin C is less expensive (no equipment required) and more efficient for this purpose than Chlorgon and KDF.
  • If you are highly allergic to sulfites use vitamin C for removing chlorine or chloramine from shower and bath

Why isn't carbon recommended for use in shower filters?

Showers and baths involve hot water delivered at relatively fast flow rates. Point of use dechlorination under these conditions is most efficiently accomplished with a copper/zinc redox material such as Chlorgon or KDF, with calcium sulfite, or with vitamin C.

Although carbon is extremely effective at chlorine reduction for cool water and at slower flow rates such as supplied to drinking water filters, carbon is not an efficient means of filtering hot water required for your shower and bath.

Do I need a shower filter if I have a whole house water filter?

If you have a properly maintained point of entry water filter, otherwise known as a whole house water filter, that is configured to remove chlorine or chloramine then you probably don’t need shower filters or a bath dechlorinator. Whole house filters are always positioned before your hot water heater so that you are not running hot water through the filters.

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