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VitaFresh Shower Filter Replacement Cartridges - box of 5

  • Replacement cartridges for the VitaFresh shower filter.

    Uses vitamin C to neutralize chlorine and chloramine.

    Easy to install and to change the cartridge.

    Transparent housing shows when to change the cartridge.

    Box of 5

  • Although chloramine is a challenging disinfectant to eliminate, Vitamin C can effectively neutralize it. Additionally, Vitamin C is also capable of neutralizing chlorine. While other types of shower filters may reduce chlorine levels, they may not provide complete and long-lasting protection against chloramine.

    As water passes through the Vita-Fresh shower filter, it releases Vitamin C, neutralizing both chlorine and chloramine. By converting disinfectant chemicals into harmless compounds, your skin, hair, eyes and lungs are protected from the harsh effects of showering in municipally treated water.

    Vitamin C dissolves with use and is safe for the environment. The VitaFresh plastic cartridge housing can be easily recycled.

  • Cartridge Life approximately 2 months (1-3 months depending on number and length of showers)
    Filtration Material ascorbic acid

    A-B: Please disassemble the housing from the head part
    C: Please separate the cap from the head part
    D: Please remove the existing filter and insert new filter into the housing
    E-H: Please insert the cap into the housing and fit it well on the Vitamin C Filter Cartridge like 'H'
    I-K: Please assemble the housing with the head part and fit it well into the center of head part. Now you are ready to use the product.