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Coldstream FTO Plus Replacement Filters for Berkeys & other gravity systems

The Coldstream FTO Plus ceramic replacement filters are the most effective filtration elements to use in your Berkey system. They fit in all sizes of Berkey’s and in other gravity water purification systems.

Use a set of 2 Coldstream ceramic FTO PLUS filters for efficient rate of filtration.

  • Replaces Black Berkey elements
  • No priming required
  • Includes fluoride reduction in one filter (no add-on filter required)
  • Maximum anti-bacterial protection
  • Most efficient chemical contaminant protection
  • Retains healthy minerals in water
  • Produces great tasting water
  • No power or plumbing required
  • Provides approximately 1 year of protection (set of 2 FTO+)
  • Great for home, backcountry & emergency drinking water

Made in the UK.

  • About

    The Coldstream FTO Plus ceramic water filter replacement cartridges protect against chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, parasite cysts, microplastics, and fluoride.

    The Coldstream FTO Plus ceramic gravity filters are also water purifiers, made by KLT Filtration, located in Norfolk, UK. Established in 2013, they have developed a unique ceramic injection moulding technology and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to produce high performance ceramic water filters to effectively remove 99% of known contaminants from drinking water. Determined to achieve zero waste, their facility is powered by energy generated from wind and solar panels.

    KLT Filtration’s ceramic filters are sold under their Coldstream brand to provide water containing only beneficial minerals and electrolytes, which naturally give water its fine taste.

    The outer shell of the Coldstream FTO Plus gravity filter is a unique and specially formulated ceramic which gives maximum protection against bacteria and removes all particles and micro-plastics.

    The interior of the filter contains black granular activated carbon for the adsorption of chemicals and heavy metals.

  • Height: 8” (20.5cm)  - not including threaded stem
    Diameter: 2.9” (7.4cm) 

    Recommended filter replacement frequency

    Use two ceramic Coldstream FTO Plus gravity filters. Replace both simultaneously approximately every 12 months.

     DO NOT apply Berkey's red dye test to ceramic filters!

    Performance test data

    Click here for Performance test data

    Accredited test results show that each Coldstream FTO Plus ceramic water filter maintains very high contaminant reduction rates to 3000L (792 US gallons) of use. (See exceptions.)

    Once wetted, it is recommended that the filters be replaced after a maximum of 12 months.

    Actual service life of your gravity filter will depend on the unique chemistry of your water source.


    Water treated with fluoride or containing significant levels of nitrate, nitrite, sulphate, and selenium are exceptions to this performance. Sustained protection from these challenging contaminants will require more frequent replacement of the filters.
    Watermatters recommends water treatment with a reverse osmosis system or with a water distiller for customers with elevated levels of these compounds in their tap water.

    These challenging compounds are not present in the tap water that most of our customers run through their water filter. Check your local water quality report to learn more.

  • Installing the Coldstream FTO Plus ceramic water filters

    1. Remove the new filter from its packaging. Fit the rubber washer over the threaded stem of the filter.

    2. Pass the threaded stem of the filter (with the washer on it) through the hole in the inside bottom of the upper filter chamber. Secure the filter by screwing the wingnut provided onto the threaded stem until the wingnut tightens against the underside of
    the upper chamber. The washer must be positioned on the INSIDE of the upper The wingnut should be hand tightened. Do not over tighten with force. Repeat for all the remaining filters.

    3. Position upper chamber on lower chamber. Fill the upper chamber with water.

    4. Coldstream filters must be thoroughly flushed before first use.
    Sufficient flushing ensures that filters are cleared of any process dust and lingering taste from the carbon activation process. The number of passes of water needed to fully saturate and condition the filters will depend on the size of your system.
    To flush the Coldstream filters through a Berkey, we recommend the following:

    Go Berkey (1 quart)                    8-10 passes of water
    Travel Berkey (1.5 gal)               3-4 passes
    Big Berkey (2.25 gal)                 2-3 passes
    Royal Berkey (3.25 gal)             2-3 passes
    Imperial Berkey (4.5 gal)           1-2 passes
    Crown Berkey (6 gal)                 1-2 passes

    Water captured in the bottom chamber during the flushing process should be discarded after every filling. It can be used to water plants.

    Your new Coldstream filters should now be ready for use.

    Cleaning the Coldstream ceramic FTO Plus gravity filter

    After a period of use, if the flow rate has dropped off significantly, simply remove the filter from the housing and carefully clean the outer ceramic surface by brushing lightly with a scouring pad (no soap!) under cool running water.

    Do not let any water enter the stem of your filter during the cleaning process.

    Re-install the filter.

    Wash your hands before and after cleaning your filter.

    We recommend that you clean your entire gravity water filter system once per month.


    What to do with the Coldstream filters when you go on vacation

    Once wetted, do not leave the filters UNUSED inside the top reservoir for an
    extended period. As with any damp object in an enclosed space, they may attract mold growth, particularly in high ambient temperatures.
    If the system is not used for 5 days or longer, it is recommended that the filters are flushed by filling the upper chamber with water and then opening the Coldstream tap to discard all the filtered water in the lower chamber. Stagnant water may collect bacteria and this needs to be flushed away before the water is consumed.


    How to store new, unused  Coldstream FTO Plus ceramic gravity filters. 

    When storing new, unused Coldstream FTO Plus water filters for future use, be sure to store them in a clean, cool, dry environment.

    DO NOT apply Berkey's red dye test to ceramic filters!