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Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

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  • Rejuvenation H2 tablets are in a class of their own. Made by Drink HRW, they are the most effective and user-friendly of all molecular hydrogen tablets we have tried …by a long shot!

    Rejuvenation H2 tablets instantly infuse an unprecedented abundance of molecular hydrogen into your drinking water in an open cup …approximately 100 times more H2 than a traditional water ionizer is capable of delivering.

  • Make hydrogen-rich water
    Millions of tiny hydrogen bubbles result in hydrogen-rich water with impressive benefits known to:

    • Provide anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, anti-aging and anti-allergy effects due to its beneficial impact on cell signaling, cell metabolism, and gene expression.
    • Protect DNA, RNA and proteins by converting the most harmful free radicals to water.
    • Activate an increase in the body’s own antioxidants such as glutathione and superoxide dismutase.
    • Increase athletic capacity.
    • Deliver 80mg highly bioavailable magnesium per tablet.


    60 tablets per bottle

    How to Use
    Drop 1 tablet in a glass of water (12-17oz).
    Wait 1-2 minute until the tablet dissolves.
    Drink immediately.

    Varies for each person. Some people will take 4 or more tablets per day, spread out over the day. Others experience the results they seek with just 1 tablet daily.

    How Does it Taste?
    Somewhat like water with a bit of lemon

    Active ingredient: Magnesium (80mg per tablet)
    Other ingredients: Malic Acid, Dextrose, L-leucine, Tartaric Acid, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium Stearyl Fumate

    More than 1200 studies and the results of 70 human trials published in reputable scientific and medical journals indicate that molecular hydrogen appears to exert therapeutic and preventative effects in relation to over 180 disease conditions.

    The information and recommendations provided on this website have not been evaluated by Health Canada and are for educational purposes only. The products and information offered on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should always ask your doctor before using any products.

  • What is Molecular Hydrogen?
    Hydrogen is the power source of life and the mother of water itself. Two atoms of hydrogen combine to form hydrogen gas, H2, the smallest and most bioavailable molecule in the universe. H2 can go where nothing else can, diffusing beneficial qualities deep into your cells and mitochondria.

    What is Hydrogen Rich Water?
    Hydrogen-rich water is simply water with added hydrogen gas. Just as carbonated beverages are saturated with CO2 gas to make soda, molecular hydrogen can be added to water to create hydrogen-rich water.

    Why can’t we get H2 from H2O?
    H2O has bound hydrogen whereas H2 gas is available molecular hydrogen ready to go to work inside your body.

    Can I get the same benefit from food grade hydrogen peroxide?
    Food grade hydrogen peroxide [H2O2] has no similarity to dissolved molecular hydrogen [H2]. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizer and is used as a bleaching agent and disinfectant. Molecular hydrogen [H2] is a reducing agent/anti-oxidant.

    Does H2 water have external uses?
    Agricultural chemicals can be rapidly removed from food by soaking in H2 rich water.
    Grains cook faster with H2 water because of the penetrating power of H2.
    Benefits can be derived from bathing with H2 water.

  • Dr Mercola interviews Tyler W LeBaron(biochemist and founder of the science-based, non-profit Molecular Hydrogen Foundation) about Molecular Hydrogen
    Short version
    Long version

    Tyler LeBaron(biochemist, researcher) & Alex Tarnava(ceo of Drink HRW) talk about the benefits of molecular hydrogen and the ground-breaking efficacy of Drink HRW Rejuvenation Tablets
    Part 1:
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    Hydrogen Insight: Alex Tarnarva(ceo of Drink HRW) interviews Professor Ostoiic(Serbian medical scientist)

    Molecular Hydrogen and Mitigation of Exposure to Radiation - see minute 38:24 of this video
    Tyler LeBaron(leading world H2 researcher) presents at AMMG Medical Conference Nov. 2015

    Molecular Hydrogen Promotes Healthy Redox Balance vs Traditional Antioxidants