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Miron Violet Glass Water Bottles

  • Make your water happy!
    This dark violet glass bottle is the premium container for toting your water.
    Miron violet is also the best glass for storing fine oils, cosmetics and nutrient-rich liquids.

    Miron glass imparts the beneficial properties of the violet spectrum into your water. Read our article Bio-photons: The Light in Your Cells, Food & Water

  • To colour energize and solarize your water:

    Place your Miron violet glass bottle on a sunny window sill for an hour or two (or all day if overcast) to infuse the contents with the violet ray imparted by light passing through the Miron glass. The water within will become noticeably more silky and sweet.

    Miron glass has a special feel when you hold it, including slight irregularities due to the fine-crafted pouring process by which the glass is formed.

    Polypropylene screw cap.
    Does not leak.
    Made in Germany.

    1000ml (33.8oz) capacity

    3.35” (8.5cm) diameter x 11.02” (28cm) height, including lid