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Miron Violet Glass Apothecary Jars

  • These classic apothecary jars are made entirely of Miron violet glass.
    Because of its violet hue, Miron glass is superior to other coloured glass for preserving the life force, colour, scent, flavour and nutrient density of the precious substances you place inside the jar. Damaging light rays are filtered out. Only the potentizing wavelengths of the violet spectrum (specifically UV-A and Infra-red) penetrate into the interior of the apothecary jars.

    Apothecary jars (and all Miron violet glass containers) are wonderful for prolonging the shelf life of foods (such as grains, nuts, herbs and seeds) and for maintaining the potency of special elixirs.

  • Miron glass has an appealing feel when you hold it, including slight irregularities due to the fine-crafted pouring process by which the glass is formed.

    Wide mouth with glass lid.

    Made in Czech Republic.