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Watermatters has terminated doing business with Berkey®. Here's why.

Like many of you, we have enjoyed using a Berkey for filtering our drinking water for many years. However, over the past year and a half, Watermatters™ has received increasingly frequent reports of Black Berkey replacement elements that produce relentlessly cloudy water, or that are terribly slow to produce any filtered water at all, even after thorough attempts to prime and flush.

The quality and performance of Black Berkey filtration elements supplied to Watermatters by Berkey® since mid 2021 became increasingly unpredictable.

Despite extensive feedback from Watermatters and dialogue about this issue over a period of 18 months, New Millennium Concepts Ltd (the Berkey parent company) demonstrated no genuine attempt to correct these problems. 

By early 2023, the extent and frequency of this quality control issue had become intolerable. In March 2023, Watermatters terminated its business relationship with Berkey®.

This is a stunning turn of events given Watermatters long history as a Berkey dealer... since 2010.

Berkey® has promised to continue to service Watermatters customers with warranty replacements, including replacing as many elements as it takes to 'get your customers a functioning system'. Warranty claims can be submitted to Berkey® via this link... 

Berkey will not refund our customers. 

To request a refund for defective Berkey elements purchased from Watermatters™, please contact us here.

We look forward to moving ahead with the FTO Plus Ceramic Gravity Purifiers which fit in Berkey systems.

To be transparent, Watermatters™ has received a nominal sum from Berkey® in recognition of past refunds issued by Watermatters to customers who encountered defective Black Berkey elements. In fact, this sum is a fraction of the refunds issued, and costs incurred, by Watermatters to meet the expectations of disappointed Berkey customers. It also does not account for tens of thousands of dollars of culled stock, sold to Watermatters by Berkey Water Systems, that is unsellable. 

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