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AquaTru Glass CARAFE Countertop Water Purifier

The Glass Carafe countertop water purifier is perfect for individuals and smaller households. It uses AquaTru's advanced reverse osmosis technology to efficiently purify your tap water, however it has a smaller holding capacity (64 oz) and a more compact footprint than the AquaTru Classic Countertop models.

The carafe is made from strong, durable borosilicate glass and designed for easy pouring. Its compact design fits easily in your fridge.


  • 64 oz Glass Carafe for easy, plastic-free pouring
  • No installation or plumbing
  • Patented 4-stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis® technology
  • Independently tested to NSF standards.
  • Control panel with change filter and maintenance alerts
  • Filter cartridges last from 6 months to 2 years

NOTE: AquaTru water purifiers use advanced reverse osmosis to efficiently produce very pure water. Reverse osmosis pushes water through an extremely fine membrane resulting in water that is cleaner than most other water treatment methods. The water containing the solutes that cannot pass through the  membrane is reject water. AquaTru has refined the reverse osmosis process so that a minimum of water is wasted while delivering most deliciously clean water.

  • Dimensions: 13″ (H) x 14″ (D) x 7.5″ (W)

    Weight: 9 pounds

    Tap Water Tank Capacity: 2.5 L

    Clean Water Tank Capacity: 1.9L/0.5 Gal

  • Which types of contaminants does it remove?

    All AquaTru purifiers to date (January 2023) have been independently tested and certified by IAPMO to NSF standards to remove eighty-three contaminants.

    The new AquaTru Carafe has also been independently tested by IAPMO to NSF standards for removal of the same contaminants, but is awaiting final certification. Eighty-two contaminants have already passed testing and one contaminant is still undergoing testing. You can read more and view AquaTru's transparent test results here.

    Does AquaTru Carafe require electricity?

    Yes, all AquaTru countertop purifiers operate off a 120-volt AC wall plug.

    Does AquaTru Carafe use the same filters as other AquaTru purifiers?

    No, AquaTru Carafe uses unique filters specifically designed for this more compact model.