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Living Water Vortexer

  • In our opinion, this is THE BEST water vortexing device.
    The Living Water Vortex jug is inspired by the insights of Viktor Schauberger.
    A silver-plated propeller, shaped like a maple seed, transforms water by spinning it counterclockwise.

    • The Living Water Vortexer uses spinning motion, velocity, the alchemical properties of silver, time and the egg-shaped form of the bottom of the jug, to noticeably enhance the texture and energetic qualities of water.
    • Oxygen is drawn into the water during the vortexing process via an air hole in the lid of the jug.
    • The propeller and stud in the bottom of the jug are coated with pure silver which contributes energetic and antiseptic benefits to the vortexed water.
    • Glass Tubes (optional, purchased separately) can be inserted into the base of the vortexer. These tubes can be filled with gemstones or plant extracts.

    Fill with clean, filtered water.
    Conceived in Denmark.

  • 3 vortexing speeds with automatic shut off. Vortexing process takes 3.3 to 7.3 minutes depending on which setting you select. The vortexed water is ready to drink when the bubbles have settled, or approximately 10 minutes after vortexing has stopped. The water continues to reorganize and reaches its optimum quality after 4 hours. The water holds the energy for a long time, possibly for months, but it is recommended to drink the vortexed water within 1-2 days.

    Rechargeable battery: Approximately 50 jugs of water per charge.
    Use any 5V USB charger, 1A (5W) or higher.

    Included: Jug with lid
    Charger and USB cable for charging.
    User Guide: View User Guide

    Jug made of: High-performance Ecozen bio-copolyester newly developed (2018) to ensure no chemical leaching, BPA free, phthalate free
    Propellor made of: Brass plated with pure silver

    Capacity: 1.8 litre
    Size: 32cm high x 20cm diameter
    Weight: 1.69 kg

    Warranty: 2 years on material and construction. Must be used with water only.

  • Living Water Vortexer: applying the wisdom of Nature

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