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3 pak cartridge combo – CHLORAMINE (no fluoride added)

  • Replacement cartridge set for city water disinfected with chloramine with NO fluoride added.

    For Greater Victoria, Abbotsford, Mission BC (& other municipalities with chloramine, lead, no fluoride added)

    Use with Triple Under Sink drinking water filters. We recommend that you replace all 3 cartridges at the same time.

    Replace approximately every 9 months, after 750 gallons, if water tastes off, or if water flow slows significantly - whichever comes first.


    We recommend you use this combo:
    1 micron sediment filter 
    0.5 micron carbon block for chlorine, lead, VOCs and cysts
    1 micron carbon block for chloramine

    Cartridge replacement frequency

    Cartridge life will vary in direct proportion to the amount of water used and the type and level of impurities in the water being processed. It is recommended that the cartridge be replaced when the first of the following occurs: 
    (a) 750 gallons of use 
    (b) 9 – 12 months of use 
    (c) the flow rate diminishes (which occurs when the cartridge becomes clogged with particulate matter); 
    or (d) the cartridge becomes saturated with bad tastes and odours.

    NOTE:  Use with micro-biologically safe, municipally treated water ONLY.

    Important note

    The cartridges listed above are for use with municipally treated water that is micro-biologically safe ONLY.

    These cartridges cannot be back flushed or rinsed and used again. Even if your cartridge is still white and the flow rate is still high, once your cartridges have been wetted they should always be replaced within a year, regardless of remaining capacity.

    Cartridge replacement reminder service

    watermatters™ offers a free email reminder service to help you remember when to change out your cartridges.