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Sight Glass Spigots

  • The Sight Glass Spigot is an optional upgrade that replaces your standard gravity filter spigot so that you can see the water level in the lower chamber of your gravity filter system without having to lift the upper chamber.

    Choose the right size for your gravity filter.

    • 7.5” for 6L & 8.5L Berkefelds or Travel & Big Berkeys
    • 10” for 12L Berkefelds or Royal & Imperial Berkeys
    • 13” for Crown Berkey Systems
  • Included
    1 special spigot with sight glass attached
    2 rubber washers
    1 wingnut installation and cleaning instructions.

    Made of
    Nylon (BPA-free), glass, steel

    Note:   The sight glass is attached to its own black, BPA-free spigot. It cannot be used with the Berkefeld stainless steel spigot.