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Sprite 7 Spray Handheld Shower Head with Internal Filter

    • Shower filter is inside the handle of this shower head.
    • 7 spray settings
    • Includes arm bracket and 72" (183cm) double coil chrome hose
    • Brass ball-swivel for easy angling
    • Reduces chlorine, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), iron oxide (rust).
    • Inhibits blue-green staining in shower area
    • Filtration media: Chlorgon®
    • Filter cartridge replacement intervals: recommended after approximately every 3 months of use.
    • Internal cartridge is replaceable and reversible.

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  • Pipe thread size: standard ½" pipe thread
    Housing material: ABS plastic (food grade and BPA free) with stainless steel connector.
    Bracket: ABS plastic (food grade and BPA free)
    Filtration media: Chlorgon®
    Hose material: stainless steel exterior lined with interior plastic vinyl tubing.