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Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil is a quick and efficient way to restore intracellular magnesium levels.

Choose Magnesium Oil, or Magnesium Oil Ultra with MSM.

  • Magnesium Oil
    Magnesium Oil has the highest concentration of magnesium in the Ancient Minerals product line. Actually, it isn’t an oil; it’s magnesium chloride (a salt of magnesium) dissolved in pure water, and has an oil-like consistency.
    Magnesium Oil contains 100mg of magnesium per milliliter (about 8 sprays).

    Magnesium Oil ULTRA with MSM
    Magnesium Oil ULTRA combines the unique synergistic benefits of MSM with magnesium ‘oil’. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is well known as a sulfur supplement. When applied topically it enhances cell membrane permeability and may facilitate more efficient uptake of magnesium. MSM is a complimentary ingredient, especially good for cartilaginous tissues.
    Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil ULTRA contains 63mg of magnesium and 120mg of OptiMSM per ml (about 8 sprays).

    About Ancient Minerals Magnesium Products
    Ancient Minerals products contain a high concentration of ultra-pure, 100% naturally occurring magnesium chloride and other trace minerals, drawn from the ancient Zechstein Sea. * When they are applied to your skin, the blood stream absorbs and rapidly transports the magnesium to your cells.

    * The Zechstein Sea existed about 250 million years ago. What remains is an ancient seabed, rich in the purest source of naturally occurring magnesium chloride on Earth. This ultra-pure deposit is located at a depth of approximately 2000 meters, and is accessed from the Netherlands.

    • Apply magnesium oil to the skin using the fine-mist spray bottle. To limit overspray, dispense 1-3 sprays at a time into a cupped hand and rub into the skin thoroughly. A total of eight sprays of magnesium oil (approximately 100 mg of elemental magnesium) is a recommended amount to apply, to experience noticeable results. Apply liberally to arms and legs to ensure a large enough surface area for absorption.
      • If the application irritates your skin, dilute the magnesium oil with 1 part water to make a 50% strength solution.
      • After application, you may notice a slight salt-like mineral residue remaining when the solution dries. This is normal, especially in dry climates or heated indoor areas, and varies with the amount of magnesium oil applied at one time. If you would like to avoid this mineral residue, simply apply magnesium oil 20 minutes prior to showering each day. (After 20 minutes, most of the magnesium ions will have been absorbed by your body.)
      • For best results, apply Ancient Minerals magnesium to clean skin; cosmetics and body oils can interfere with the uptake of magnesium ions by the skin.
      • When applying magnesium oil at full strength, avoid direct contact with eyes, mucus membranes, and other sensitive areas such as your face. If redness or irritation occurs, rinse with cool water.
    • Magnesium Oil
      Water, genuine Zechstein magnesium chloride, and natural trace minerals.
      Magnesium Oil ULTRA with MSM
      Water, Genuine Zechstein magnesium chloride, natural trace minerals, MSM. 

      Magnesium Oil

      Most concentrated form.
      Easy to apply as needed.

      For example, if you get a leg or foot cramp, try spraying on some magnesium oil.

      Magnesium Lotion

      Light enough to be used as daily moisturizer. Gentle and less concentrated. Great for children and sensitive skin that needs a milder application.

      Magnesium Gel

      Formulated for massage applications. Stays hydrated on top of the skin so that it can be massaged into the skin.

      Magnesium Flakes

      For full bath and foot soaks. Full body immersion for spinal and joint aches and pains. Relax & soak up magnesium after strenuous exercise or a stressful day.


      The ULTRA form of the above products

      Contains added MSM to help skin permeability. MSM is a complimentary ingredient, especially good for cartilaginous tissues.
    • NOTE: Additional shipping charges will be applied for shipping 1 L bottles of Magnesium Oil due to weight and fluid content.