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Magnesium Prills - 3oz bag

  • Magnesium Prills recharge demineralized water such as distilled, de-ionized and reverse osmosis water. They are an effective way to alkalize filtered water.
    They also impart vibrational enhancement to water thereby refining water’s structure and its ability to carry, receive and transmit information and beneficial frequencies.
    Prills make water more enjoyable to drink.

  • Material: Magnesium oxide, mined and processed in the USA.
    Longevity: Will raise the pH of filtered water for approximately 8 months or 500 gallons, longer if the water bath is kept in the dark. Spent prills can simply be returned to the earth however don’t put them in your vegetable garden if they have been exposed to heavy metals or other water contaminants.

    Quantity: 3oz of Magnesium Prills in an organza pouch.
    Alkalinity & pH: Magnesium Prills raise pH of water substantially within less than one hour. More importantly, prills donate alkalinity which is not the same as alkaline pH.

    Container: Make magnesium prill water in a glass or ceramic vessel. Prill water should not be made in a metal or plastic container.

  • Refine and restructure your drinking water with Magnesium Prills
    Water treated with Magnesium Prills will become more alkaline (increased pH) and noticeably finer, enabling increased cellular hydration.

    Prill water is great for drinking and washing vegetables. Compared to regular water, when used to reconstitute dried foods and frozen juices, it is significantly more effective at restoring the natural flavour and colour of the original food.

    Prill beads are simply magnesium oxide that has been activated with a proprietary bio-resonance process.

    Prill water does not support the growth of bacteria and fungus. Originally developed to clean up nuclear reactor water waste, they clear and energize water. Prills beads should be replaced approximately every 6 – 12 months.

    Directions for Initial Preparation
    Thoroughly rinse the Prills with cold water for about 5 minutes. Put the Prills into a one gallon glass* jug or jar. The beads can be left in their nylon sack. Fill the jug with water and let stand for 24 hours. Dump water and repeat if the water still has a strong taste. *Do not use metal or plastic.

    Directions for Regular Use
    Use up to 3 quarts of Prill water, leaving 1 quart (or more) remaining in the glass container. Refill and wait at least 1 hour before using. Repeat as desired.

    Refrigeration is not required. If the water is not used for several weeks a metallic taste may develop. Dump the water and restart the 24 hour curing process if this occurs. Enjoy your magnesium Prill water.