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Magnetic Laundry Balls

  • Place the magnetic laundry balls in your washer and turn it on. That’s it!

    No more lugging laundry soap home. No more chemical detergents in your laundry water. No rinse cycle necessary. Works with any type of home or laundromat washer. Save money, time, space, water & the environment.

    Lifetime warranty.

  • Water is the ‘universal solvent’. Water does the cleaning; soap just helps water clean better. Magnetic Laundry Balls do this too without leaving residue on your clothes or in laundry wastewater. Unlike detergents and soaps which are not reusable, the Magnetic Laundry Balls keep working forever because they draw on the fundamental and inexhaustible force of nature – magnetism - to increase the natural solvency of water.

    Before you use the Magnetic Laundry Balls for the first time, clean any invisible scum that may have built up inside your washer. To do this, place the Magnetic Laundry Balls in the washer drum, add 4 cups of white vinegar and run the wash cycle with nothing or just some rags in the drum.

  • Q. What about bleach, stain removal?

    A. Magnetic Laundry Balls are a substitute for detergents only. They can be used with other products for whitening and stain removal. You can use bleach with the laundry balls however we recommend trying a little white vinegar instead. It’s effective against bacteria, viruses and mold and it’s easier than bleach on your clothes and the environment.

    Q. What about water temperature?

    A. The Magnetic Laundry Balls work with any water temperature. Hot water cleans best regardless of whether you are using detergent or Magnetic Laundry Balls.

    Q. Should the Magnetic Laundry Balls stick to each other, or to the sides of the washing machine drum during the washing cycle?

    A. The Magnetic Laundry Balls will still clean your laundry if they stick to each other, or to the walls of the washing machine (if it has a metal drum). You can also keep the Magnetic Laundry Balls separate by putting them in the pocket of pants during the wash.

    Q. What about noise in a front loading washing machines?

    A. You can eliminate noise by placing each Magnetic Laundry Ball in a separate sock.

    Q. What about washing machines with electronics?

    A. The Magnetic Laundry Balls are used in the drum of the machine and should have no impact on the electronic controls. Do not place the Magnetic Laundry Balls on the electronic control panel.

    Q. How are Magnetic Laundry Balls different from regular magnets?

    A. Magnetic Laundry Balls are special magnets adapted, shaped and coated for use in a washing machine.