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  • TELE Phi® harmonizes your mobile phone, not by blocking harmful manmade radiations, but by rendering these frequencies harmless and beneficial to living organisms …including humans, pets, bees, plants, and trees. It reorganizes discordant frequencies into coherent and life-supporting emanations.  TELE Phi® also works with wi-fi routers, cordless phones, laptops, tablets, and baby monitors.

    Simply attach the TELE Phi® (keeping it flat) to the body of your device
    for omni-directional harmonization of electromagnetic frequencies.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) have declared EMF radiation from cellular phones, Wi-Fi routers, laptop computers, tablets, and other mobile devices to be Class 2b carcinogens. There is no known safe level of exposure – especially for children, and the immune compromised.

    Mobile phone manufacturers warn users to ‘keep mobile phones at least 10 cms from the body while transmitting’but you have to wade deep into their fine print to find this advice.

    Wired headsets can magnify the negative impact of manmade radiations by bringing them even closer to your brain.

    Range of effective
    The beneficial field extending from the TELE Phi® is 10 metres.
    Devices with the TELE Phi® attached are harmonized for the user, and, for those nearby. When a phone call is placed from a harmonized phone, the recipient of the call receives the same benefit while the connection lasts. This harmonizes communications between people, including e-mails and texts. In this respect, the field of harmonization can extend for many thousands of miles, like the invisible reach of your phone signal.