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Miron Violet Glass Jars

  • If you love small containers, you will simply have to own some of these dark violet glass jars—the ultimate containers for fine teas and herbs, high-end food stuffs and premium natural cosmetics.

    Miron violet glass is superior to other coloured glass for preserving the life force, colour, scent, flavour and nutrient density of the precious substances you keep inside your bottle. Damaging light rays are filtered out, allowing only the beneficial violet spectrum (specifically UV-A and Infra-red) to penetrate into the bottle’s interior.

  • Miron glass has a special feel when you hold it, including slight irregularities due to the fine-crafted pouring process by which the glass is formed.

    Wide mouth with screw-on lid. The lid is molded from non-petroleum based compound. It has the pleasing feel of a high quality product made from natural materials. The lid is durable and will not discolour or become brittle with age.

    100ml jar (3.4 oz), 2"d x 3.5"h with lid (5cm x 8.9cm)

    200ml jar (6.8 oz), 2.5"d x 4.5"h with lid (6.3cm x 11.4cm)

    500ml jar (16.9 oz), 3.25"d x 6.25"h with lid (8.25cm x 15.8cm

    1L jar (33.8 oz), 3.5"d x 8"h with lid (9cm x 20cm)

    Made in Germany.


    Although meant for containing dry or semi-fluid goods, the 500ml jar is a great size for  your bedside water container. It's not a water bottle to carry in your bag though, as the lid may eventually leak, after prolonged use, if the bottle is repeatedly laid on its side when filled with water.