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Are Your Eyeglasses a Bad Habit? A case for Pinhole Glasses.

March 29, 2023 2 min read

I used to sew... a lot. One day I couldn't thread my needle. That's when I succumbed to eye glasses; first readers, then prescription glasses that hurt my eyes, then back to drug store readers.

Late one night, while working long hours at my computer preparing the content for this website, my eyes were hurting so much I decided I couldn't go on....wearing my glasses, that is. I switched to my pinhole glasses and persevered through the initial resistance to looking through the lattice of small holes. Within a few days, I often didn't even need to wear the pinholes to see well enough to do my work.

Change your mind, change your vision

Evidently 80 percent of vision has to do with your brain, not your eyes. During the initial weeks of living and working without glasses, I would say to myself,
'Don't resist the blur. Relax into it.' I had first heard these wise words, spoken by ophthalmologist, Dr. Sam Berne, who uses a holistic approach to help people with eye-related problems.

Sam also recommends magnesium, exercise, lots of good water, D2, good diet, etc.

Of course, there are many types of eye problems and not all of them are as simple to overcome as mine. 'Relaxing into the blur' isn't appropriate while driving or operating machinery. However, I suspect that a lot of people are needlessly dependent on increasingly expensive eye wear (and surgeries) that might not be as necessary as presumed.

Mary Johnston
watermatters CEO

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