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Harness the Therapeutic Power of Molecular Hydrogen

September 10, 2019 1 min read

Exciting new research shows that the therapeutic use of molecular hydrogen is helpful in correcting 170 different disease conditions.
H2 (molecular hydrogen) is the smallest molecule in the known universe.... fine enough to deliver its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and cell-modulating action into the most inaccessible intracellular regions of the body, including our mitochondria.
Molecular hydrogen is completely natural and has no known toxicity.
Our intestines produce it! But often not in the quantities we need to deal with the stressors that assail our bodies.

H2 can be infused into water for drinking, and it can be inhaled. Studies show that drinking H2 water is more effective than inhaling H2 gas.

Bathing in hydrogen-rich water is another great way to get more H2 into the body transdermal absorption..

Best results occur when H2 is consumed or absorbed intermittently, not continuously ...a bit like intermittent fasting! In fact, drinking H2 water may be approximately equivalent to a 20% reduction in caloric intake.

Watch Dr. Mercola interview (79 minutes) the world's leading expert on the therapeutic applications of molecular hydrogen; Tyler LeBaron, is the executive director of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation, a research-based not-for-profit institute dedciated to research regarding the therapeutic use of H2 gas.

Watch short version (2.5 minutes).

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