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Introducing the best filters for your Berkey

March 23, 2023 1 min read

As it became clear that we can no longer count on Berkey for reliable replacement elements, we started searching for new filters so that you, and our many existing Berkey customers, can continue to use your Berkey system, with confidence.

We looked around at filters sold by other gravity filters brands, and their specs. We were not impressed. 

Then serendipity stepped in. Chance (and knowing the standards to be met) led us to a manufacturer of ceramic 'candles' for gravity water filters based in the United Kingdom. After a couple of conference calls with senior executives including their chief engineer, asking lots of questions, and test driving their filters, Watermatters has aligned with the Coldstream brand to provide you with excellent replacement filters for your Berkey, namely the FTO Plus Gravity Water Purifiers

They measure up! We know you will be impressed. 

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