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AquaTru Under Sink Water Purifier

Advanced 4-stage under sink reverse osmosis water purifier. 
Dispenses delicious, clean water from a dedicated faucet (included) at your sink. 
Unique sanitizing function makes it easy to keep the holding tank free of bacteria... which is typically the unaddressed weak point of most other reverse osmosis systems.

Tested & proven to remove 5 times more contaminants than other RO systems.

If you want alkaline water with minerals, select the 'Alkaline' model below.

  • Benefits

    On demand delicious, pure water for all your drinking & cooking needs
    Tested and certified by IAPMO to meet NSF standards 41, 53, 58, 401, and P473 for water filters to remove 83 contaminants, including chlorine, lead, PFAS (PFOA and PFOS), fluoride, arsenic, nitrates, nitrites, glyphosate, and many more*

    *Some of these contaminants may not be in your water supply.

    4-stage reverse osmosis purification Easy sanitizing. Most owners of under sink reverse osmosis systems don’t realize that their holding tank is a breeding ground for bacteria, unless properly maintained. This typically involves using tubing and a plastic syringe. AquaTru has developed a sanitizing system that makes it easy to keep your AquaTru under sink holding tank in pristine condition. Independently tested & proven to remove 5x more contaminants than other RO systems.

    View Performance Data Sheet

    What's Included
    1. Filter Manifold and 3 Filters (Pre-Filter, RO Filter, Carbon VOC Filter)
    2. RO Holding Tank
    3. RO Water Faucet
    4. Cold Tap Water Adaptor - ½" Male & Female
    5. Cold Tap Water Adaptor - ⅜" Male & Female
    6. Drain Saddle
    7. RO Faucet Quick Connect Fitting
    8. RO Holding Tank Valve
    9. Filter Manifold Installation Hardware

    View Product Manual

    1-year limited warranty. The AquaTru Under Sink Water Purifier is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original purchase date. Should the product have a defect in materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace it without charge to you (a shipping and processing fee may apply). This warranty does not cover filters, damage caused by accident, misuse or any use other than as intended and described in the AquaTru product manual, or damage resulting from failure to maintain and clean this product as specified in this product manual. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the AquaTru® water purifier. Warranty does not include filters. To obtain service or replacement parts under warranty for AquaTru products purchased from Watermatters, please contact us at 604-733-7888 or

    1. Weight: 11.44 lbs (5.2 Kg)
    2. Membrane Production: 54 GPD (204 L)
    3. Membrane Reduction: 87.1 % average reduction of TDS
    4. Daily Production Rate: 54 GPD (204 L)
    5. Operating Pressure: 40-85 PSI
    6. Operating Temperature: 39-100°F (4-38°C)
    7. Manifold Dimensions: 4” x 11.5” x 13” (L x W x H) 102 x 292 x 330mm
    8. Tank Dimensions: 14” x 10” (H x D) 356 x 254mm
    9. Tank Capacity: 3 gallons (11.5 L)
  • Capacity & Efficiency
    About the filters
    Changing the filters
    Vacation & storage
    NSF certification & contaminants removed
    Terminology explained

    Capacity & Efficiency

    What is the actual under sink tank capacity and processing time?

    The AquaTru under sink system has uses a 3-gallon tank. With reverse osmosis systems, actual tank capacity is much less than the tank size. Most reverse osmosis brands claim between 3 to 5-gallon tank size. However, many factors will determine how much water can be in the tank. Realistically, the AquaTru tank will hold almost 2 gallons. In most cases, the AquaTru tank will require between 40 min to 2 hours to be refilled, depending on your water pressure.

    What is the water use efficiency of AquaTru systems?

    Water use efficiency refers to the amount of usable water produced compared to the rejected water (waste water). Many RO systems operate at about 25% efficiency. Some boast 50% efficiency. AquaTru systems operate at an amazing 85% efficiency.


    What is required to install the AquaTru under sink water purifier?

    Installation requires drilling through your countertop and into pipes under your sink. Installation details are supplied in this easy-to-follow installation guide and installation video. Unless you are experienced with plumbing, we recommend hiring a professional to install your AquaTru under sink system

    About the Filters

    Does the AquaTru under sink purifier use the same filters as the AquaTru countertop models?

    Yes. The AquaTru Under Sink purifiers use the same filters as the AquaTru countertop units.

    How long will the AquaTru under sink filters last?

    The service life of the filters used in the AquaTru under sink purifiers is as follows:

    1. Pre-Filter (yellow): 6 months or 600 gallons, whichever comes first
    2. RO Filter (blue): 2 years or 1200 gallons, whichever comes first
    3. VOC Filter or pH + Mineral Boost Filter (green): 360 gallons

    Changing the Filters

    How do I know when to change my AquaTru Classic undersink filters?

    More details on this coming soon!

    How do I change filters?

    See the How to Change Your Filters video under the Videos tab

      I just replaced my filter. Do I need to run any water through before drinking the water?

      You should fill and empty the tank twice fully before drinking after changing filters.
      If you have just replaced the pH/Remineralization filter, run 6-8 recycles of water to flush the new filters and to achieve clear taste.


      How do I sanitize my AquaTru undersink holding tank?

      Use 2 tablespoons of unscented bleach to sanitize the holding tank.

      Vacation tips
      If leaving on vacation for a couple of weeks, start by switching the water feed to the under sink unit off. Next, allow the tank to empty completely.
      When you have returned from vacation, purge the system of stagnant water by running two tanks through the system. Once the second tank has been filtered the unit is ready to use.
      If the filters have been unused for 3 months or longer, they will need to be changed.


      Is descaling required?

      Unlike the Aquatru Countertop models, descaling is not necessary with the AquaTru Under Sink models due to differences in design and function.

      NSF certification & protection from contaminants

      NSF Certification

      There are only four labs in the United States that can test and certify to NSF standards: NSF, IAPMO, WQA and UL. When a product is tested and certified with one of these labs, the filter is tested to the end of its service life to ensure that it performs just as well on the last gallon of water filtered as on the first gallon.
      All AquaTru purifiers use a Four-Stage Reverse Osmosis purification process. AquaTru’s classic countertop and under sink models have been independently tested and certified by IAPMO to meet NSF standards 41, 53, 58, 401 and P473 for water filters, which includes contaminants. All tested and certified filters have a data sheet. You can see the certification on the testing lab’s website. For AquaTru products this link is at
      AquaTru is listed on the IAPMO website under AquaTru LLC. Select “listee name” and search for AquaTru LLC.

      Which contaminants does AquaTru remove?

      According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) there are up to 7500 contaminants that can be found in tap water. [Most of these are not present in Metro Vancouver’s tap water.]
      Out of these 7500, the EPA has identified 600 that they believe may represent a public health concern. Despite this, the EPA currently regulates less than 100 contaminants and has not updated the water safety rules for over thirty years. [Health Canada isn’t much better.]
      There are three types of contaminants in water: organic and inorganic chemicals and biological contaminants. AquaTru is designed to remove all three types of water contaminants. You can see performance data sheets for AquaTru purifiers at the following links: Test results for AquaTru Classic countertop models are here. AquaTru under sink models are here.

      Does AquaTru remove Fluoride?

      AquaTru removes more than 90% of fluoride.

      Can AquaTru purifiers filter hard water?

      All AquaTru models will reduce the hardness of water. However, they are intended for use with water hardness below 10 gpg (grain per gallon). If the hardness is higher than 10 gpg, lime scale will build up on the reverse osmosis membrane (RO replacement filter).
      The AquaTru under sink models don’t have a pump (such as in the countertop models) that can be damaged by water scale, but calcium and magnesium build up can reduce the effective lifetime of the filters and interfere with the effectiveness of the filtration system.
      It is not recommended that any of the AquaTru models be used with water hardness greater than 10 gpg, unless the water is pretreated for hardness prior to filtering in the AquaTru device, or unless you regularly complete AquaTru’s descaling procedure.

      Terminology explained

      What is AquaTru’s patented Ultra Reverse Osmosis Purification?

      Traditional reverse osmosis filtration connects to plumbing under the sink, which may be great for homeowners, but leaves out anyone who may rent or not want the hassle of installation. AquaTru’s revolutionary Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology works without plumbing and is used in all AquaTru countertop purifiers so anyone who wants the gold standard in water filtration can have it in their homes or take it with them when they move. It works by recirculating the water and concentrating contaminants in the tap water tank, which means more water filtered and less water wasted.


      Can AquaTru filters and parts be recycled?

      The AquaTru unit itself can be recycled at a zero waste recycling centre. Vancouver’s recycling services do not accept used filters as they are made of a mixture of different materials with different recycling requirements.
      You could recycle just the plastic part of the filters which are made of PP #5. However, we do not recommend cutting open your filters to separate the filter materials from the plastic yourself. Your filters have trapped all those toxic contaminants you wanted to remove from your water, and if you cut them open, you may expose yourself to those concentrated contaminants. If you cannot find a recycling option, please put the spent filters into garbage.

    1. AquaTru Under Sink Purifier Installation Guide

      How to Change Your Filters