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Coldstream Water Filters - Now Available in Canada

Watermatters has aligned with the Coldstream brand to provide you with a choice of excellent water filters that come with the most comprehensive performance test data. Choose from styles for countertop or under counter installations that provide filtered water on demand, or select Coldstream's premium ceramic gravity filters to use with your Berkey or existing gravity filtration system. Made in Britain.

They measure up! We know you will be impressed. 

Coldstream filters are extensively tested to NSF Standards

Coldstream products are rigorously tested to NSF Standards by an independent certified laboratory in the USA against an extensive array of contaminants. Coldstream replacement filters are tested through to the end of service life so that you can see how these filters continue working to a high standard throughout the course of their use.

The Coldstream Difference

Since 2013, Coldstream has specialized in the manufacture of residential drinking water filters at their facility in Norfolk, England. They are innovators of a unique ceramic injection molding technology dedicated to producing the very highest quality of drinking water filters using alternative technologies with the intention to achieve zero waste.


FTO Plus Ceramic Replacement Filters for Gravity Systems

Yes! Coldstream FTO Plus gravity filters fit in Berkeys.

Yes! Coldstream FTO Plus gravity filters fit in British Berkefeld gravity systems.

Yes! The FTO Plus is the most comprehensive filter to use in these compact, portable gravity
filter systems… and the only one to use if short term protection from fluoride is required.


It is recommended that they be replaced within 6 months of first use, per filter.
When 2 FTO Plus filters are being used simultaneously, replace them both within 12 months of
first use.

No. Coldstream FTO Plus gravity filters do not need to be primed before use.

See performance test data here.

Yes. The limescale will build up on the ceramic filter and inside the housing.
The ceramic filter can be removed, scrubbed under cool running water and reinstalled.
The filter housing can be cleaned with a dilute solution of vinegar and water as needed.
Do NOT use vinegar to clean the ceramic filter.

There is no comparison because Berkey’s claims are unsubstantiated. Unlike Coldstream,
Berkey failed to provide life cycle gallonages with its test results which are now outdated.

British Berkefeld Ultra Sterasyl filters are Berkefeld’s most advanced gravity filter. The Ultra
Sterasyl carries NSF certification, but only for reduction of nominal particulate, turbidity, cysts
and lead, and with no life service gallonages assigned. Ultra Sterasyl filters have also been
tested by independent labs for chlorine, VOCs, PFAS (PFOS & PFOA) and pharmaceuticals to
3030L, but only to 1000L for bacteria, and only to 1515L for arsenic, cadmium, iron, lead and
mercury. The UtraSterasyl does not reduce fluoride.
British Berkefeld Super Sterasyl ceramic filters are an earlier, less effective ceramic filter that is
being phased out.
British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride is tested to 3000L for arsenic, chromium and lead. We have
found no other test data for the Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride ceramic filter.
By contrast, Coldstream FTO Plus ceramic filters have been tested to 3000L for hundreds of
contaminants (including fluoride) by an accredited lab in the USA. See performance data here.

Click on these links to see which contaminants are removed by Coldstream ceramic drinking water filters, and for how many gallons of use:

Coldstream FTO Plus ceramic gravity filters

Coldstream ceramic filters for Steel MAX

Coldstream ceramic filters for Blue MAX

FAQs for Coldstream Steel MAX and Blue MAX pressurized purification systems

See Performance test data for Stainless Steel MAX systems here

See Performance test data for Blue MAX purification system (longer lasting, economy model) here

General FAQs

In Britain.

The Coldstream pressurized systems (Steel MAX and Blue MAX) are installed under your sink or on your countertop beside your sink. They are hooked up to your water line and provide the convenience of unlimited filtered water as soon as you turn on the dedicated tap.

If you own your home, you will probably prefer an under sink installation. See our Coldstream
Under Counter Purification Systems

If you rent your home, or tend to move frequently, you may prefer the flexibility of the
Countertop Steel MAX which simply attaches to the threaded end of your kitchen faucet. (This
requires that you have a standard, compatible kitchen faucet.)

If you want a more flexible system that is easy to store and transport, can be set up virtually anywhere without requiring hook up to a water line (such as for emergency and back country use), you may prefer to use the FTO Plus ceramic gravity filters in a gravity filtration system.

The public refers to 'removing' contaminants. Water filtration professionals refer to 'reducing'

Although >99.99% reduction may be accomplished this level of reduction will not be sustained throughout the entire service life of the filter. The gallonage point at which a filter fails to maintain protection at the Maximum Acceptable Concentration (MAC) for a particular contaminant is the point at which a filter cartridge should be replaced...or before this point is reached.

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