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HARMONY Immune and Metabolic Guardian

Buy two or more hydrogen products and save 10%

  • HARMONY is a proprietary blend of ImmunoLP, a probiotic, and patented hydrogen technology that delivers the highest concentration of hydrogen water on the planet.
    The perfect 1-2 punch to fight daily stressors even when you are caught off guard.

    Each box contains a 30 day supply of tablets.

  • Restore your body's imbalances & bring it back to natural HARMONY
    A clinically validated solution to help restore our metabolic & immune health even if we make poor choices.

    Daily stressors such as lack of sleep or exercise, the food that we consume, and our fast-paced lifestyles can create harmful imbalances in our bodies – impacting the ability to function at optimal levels. Suddenly our energy and our ability to recover decreases. Life happens. Age happens.

    When life happens, our metabolic health & immune function are the first to decline. The systems we need to protect us and help us get back on track are derailed.

    HARMONY regulates our systems, correcting the harmful changes – restoring our bodies to a well-balanced being.

    Thousands of studies and years of research have led to this potent & clinically validated formula.

    HARMONY is the first hydrogen tablet to combine with an ImmunoLP20, an Immunobiotic called HK-L37.

    Immuno-LP20 is short for Lactobacillus Plantarum L-137. Immuno-LP20 contains heat-killed Lactobacillus Plantarum strain L-137 (HK L-137) has shown to have a high safety profile.

    HK L-137 is an immunobiotic bacteria that boost immunity and much more.

    HARMONY utilizes a special, carefully formulated composition of patented hydrogen tablet technology to deliver ImmunoLP20, as well as 80mg of highly bioavailable magnesium ions, while not sacrificing hydrogen concentration. HARMONY is the first combination hydrogen-rich water tablet to utilize this new composition and the most powerful hydrogen product on the market. 10 clinical trials have been published on our hydrogen technology showing benefits ranging from improving alertness to reversing metabolic syndrome.

    • ImmunoLP20 supports the body’s immune system/function
    • ImmunoLP20 supports respiratory health
    • H2 tablets + ImmunoLP20 both support Liver Health
    • ImmunoLP20 promotes well-being when under occasional stress
    • ImmunoLP20 works as a probiotic for dental health
    • H2 tablets + ImmunoLP20 both balance the inflammatory response
    • ImmunoLP20 maintains immune function in humans with occasional psychological stress
    • H2 tablets have shown to combat excess oxidative stress
    • H2 tablets are clinically shown to improve parameters of metabolic health and function
    • H2 tablets have demonstrated to be equivalent at improving cognitive tests, with a more robust improvement in brain metabolism as compared to caffeine after sleep deprivation.
    • H2 tablets promote healthy aging - 6 months of use with HRW tablets improved numerous biomarkers and outcomes associated with aging in an elderly population
    • H2 tablets have shown to increase exercise capacity in mid-aged overweight women, and reduce heart rate in stress tests of young and healthy non-athletes.
  • Drop a tablet in a cup of water (12-17oz).
    Allow the tablet to fully dissolve.
    Drink immediately.
    Do not take more than one tablet per day.