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Sprite Handheld/Hose Shower Filter Replacement Cartridges (set of 2)

  • Replacement cartridge for Sprite 'Shower Pure' handheld shower filter and for Sprite inline hose adapter shower filter.

    Includes 2 replacement cartridges. Each cartridge has a service life of approximately 3 months.

    Recommended cartridge replacement intervals: approximately 3 months.

  • Housing material: ABS plastic (food grade and BPA free) with stainless steel screen.
    Filtration media: Chlorgon®
  • This product can be broken down up into component parts for recycling by removing the steel screening from the housing, and the zinc/copper media from inside the cartridge. The zinc/copper media can be returned to the earth in an area not used for food production. The ABS plastic and steel screening can be recycled if your community is set up for processing plastic and steel recyclables.