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VitaFresh Shower Filter

If your tap water is disinfected with chloramine, this is the shower filter for you.
  • Helps relieve itchy and irritated skin while protecting hair, eyes and lungs from the damaging effects of chlorine and chloramine.
  • Uses vitamin C to neutralize chlorine and chloramine.
  • Easy to install and to change the cartridge.
  • Transparent housing shows when to change the cartridge.
  • No need to replace your existing shower head.
  • Fits on most shower heads & fixtures.
  • Does not affect water pressure.
  • Works with any water temperature.
  • Helps to improve the condition of skin and texture of hair.
Comes with initial cartridge plus 2 replacements.
  • If your tap water is disinfected with chloramine (chlorine plus ammonia) instead of chlorine, use a Vita-Fresh shower filter.
    Chloramine is difficult to remove, however Vitamin C does the job effectively by neutralizing this hard-to-get-rid-of disinfectant. Vitamin C is also great at neutralizing chlorine. Other types of shower filters may be good for chlorine reduction but are unable to give you thorough and sustained protection from chloramine.

  • As water passes through the Vita-Fresh shower filter, it releases Vitamin C which neutralizes chlorine and chloramine. By converting these toxic disinfectant chemicals into harmless compounds, the Vita-Fresh shower filter protects your skin, hair, eyes and lungs from the harsh and oxidizing effects of showering in municipally treated tap water.

    Environmentally friendly Vitamin C dissolves with use and is good for the environment. If your municipality has a plastics recycling program, the plastic cartridge housing can be easily recycled.
  • Filter head plus initial cartridge,
    2 replacement cartridges,
    plumbers tape,
    installation guide.

  • Cartridge Life approximately 2 months (1-3 months depending on number and length of showers)
    Dimensions 5 cm wide x 7.5 cm deep x 18 cm long
    Compatibility fits ½” pipe thread (standard size for shower arms, shower heads and shower fixtures sold in North America)
    Housing Material ABS, polycarbonate plastic
    Filtration Material ascorbic acid
    Net Weight 240 g
    Warranty 12-month limited warranty applies to manufacturer defects. The filtration media, by nature, dissolves with use and is not covered by the warranty.


VitaFresh Replacement Cartridges